9 Ways to Make the Cheeseball Extra Tasty!

Appetizer duty have you in a tizzy? Why not try the always reliable cheeseball. It’s more unique that your typical cheese tray, and just as delicious (maybe even better! shhh.) By adding a variety of herbs and seasonings, you can transform the basic appetizer into something beautiful and tasty. And Rach has really outdone herself with these options!

Everything Bagel Cheeseball

Know your guests can’t get enough of their morning bagels? Then we suggest Rach’s Everything Bagel Cheeseball. Your friends won’t be able to leave the appetizer table!

Hawaiian Cheeseball

Sometimes a trip to Hawaiian just isn’t in the cards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat like you’re there! Close your eyes and imagine the island sun as you nosh on this coconut, pineapple, and ham app.

Pizza Cheeseball

No pizza pies here, but we do have pizza flavor! With a delicious toasted crostini, you can’t go wrong.

Cannoli Cheeseball

We have savory, now for sweet! Skip your typical dessert and try out this Cannoli Cheeseball. No piping required!

Welsh Cheddar Cheese Ball

A vibrant beautiful yellow, this appetizer looks as good as it tastes. Enjoy hints of mustard and spicy tabasco when you chow down on this appetizer.

Garlic and Herb Cheese Ball

This ball serves as a testament to Rach’s love for garlic. She adds three whole cloves to the already seasoned Boursin cheese to create some phenomenal flavor. Vampires, beware!

Port Wine Cheese Ball

Port is a dessert wine, and this sure is a treat! With the variety of textures and color, it’s a showstopper that will have guests coming back for more.

Honey-Dijon Cheeseball

If you’ve ever tried honey mustard, then you know the combo is hard to beat! Roll the ball in salty, crunch pretzels to finish off the dish.

Blue and Maple Cheese Ball

We’ve got the sweet, the creamy, the crunchy and the salty all in one cheeseball. Jackpot!

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