Letter from Rach: This One’s for You, Mom

Each month, Rachael pens a personal letter to the readers of her magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray. Here’s what’s on Rach’s mind for May, and what’s cookin’ in the magazine. Don’t forget to get your copy of the issue, out on newsstands now!

May is all about moms! My mom, Elsa, is not only my number-one influence as a cook, but also as a human. I wrote many of my 30-Minute Meals this month with a wink and a nudge to the flavors
that she loves the most: lots of lemon, lots of late-spring veg— and lots of figure-friendly dishes because, yup, it’s heatin’ up outside! If you want some ideas for your mom, remember that all moms and grandmoms really want to do is spend time with their families.

A frequent cohost on my show is my dear friend chef Curtis Stone, who is also a huge family person. He’s taking you behind the scenes with all the great moms in his life: his wife, Lindsay, his mom, Lozza, and his two grandmothers, Gwen and Maude (he named his two California restaurants after them). His Mother’s Day menu (page 30) is spectacular but easy to do; everyone is going to want to cook this stuff up for the moms and grandmoms they love.

This is also our Healthy Eating issue, and if you dig smoothies, you’re going to love the smoothie- bowl trend. We’ll show you how to “beef up” your power breakfast with fruit, kale and more (page 34). In Dinners for a Deal (page 53), we give you meals that you could eat for lunch or dinner: super stacked salads. My husband’s fave is the
steak and blistered-tomato salad, and I’m in love with our fishy twist on the classic Italian bread-and-vegetable salad, aka panzanella.

Speaking of Italian food, if all you think when you think of it is fried chicken Parm with lots of cheese, check out our feature on American restaurants that have super-fresh takes on Italian dishes. I always think of Italian as being clean and ingredient-driven, so take these restaurant tricks and learn how to make these bright dishes yourself at home.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. I’m going to go kiss my little girl, Isaboo!




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