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3 Winning Sliders for Game Day

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Our favorite thing about football is its power to bring people together. Whether you’re a gung-ho fan or simply a leisurely TV viewer, more often than not when Sunday rolls around, you find yourself comfortably on the couch watching a game. It’s the perfect excuse to call up friends and family to suggest a gathering, and we can’t entertain without – you guessed it – nosh!

A go-to of ours is the slider. It’s finger food that makes sharing a breeze, and we’re taking the guesswork out of which sliders are worth the hype. Try these three savory and sweet recommendations that will guarantee a win!

Pesto Chicken Salad Slider

Mmm, pesto! The fresh flavors of basil, pine nuts, garlic, and olive oil transform a basic picnic food into something truly special. Sandwiched between a golden Hawaiian sweet roll with creamy mozzarella cheese and melted tomatoes to top, the moist chicken mixes beautifully with the vibrant, garlicky sauce that’s so tasty we could eat it plain. We feel obligated to warn you, though: These will go quick, just like your running back on his best day of the season!

Mini Buffalo Chicken Meatball Subs

If wings are your game-day bite of choice, we suggest giving the Mini Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sub a go. Hot sauce meets chicken meatballs, kicking the flavor (and heat) up a notch! Pro-tip: The more butter you add, the less spicy the sauce. Just like Rach, you can even host a BYOB – bring your own (meat)balls party! There’s football on the field, and meatballs on the table.

Crunchy Straw-Nana-Tella Slider

Guests will be pleasantly surprised noshing on a sammie that’s not savory, but sweet and decadent. Hazelnut spread combines with strawberries and bananas for this stellar dessert that may just make it a regular in your game day lineup. Easily assembled and full of wonderful textures like creamy banana and hazelnut spread with some ice cream cone crunch, it keeps the fourth quarter entertaining even when you team has it in the bag.

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