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30+ Must-See Moments from Rachael’s Biggest Party of the Year

In case you missed it, Rachael’s 11th annual Feedback music and food festival returned to Austin – and it couldn’t have been a better party!

Thousands of people lined up in the early hours of the morning to get into this year’s event at Stubb’s BBQ, which featured 14 musical acts on three stages, 4 new recipes by Rach, and more – all for free! Then, it was off to the Feedback House for a few more bands and even more food to close out the day. Are we tired from all the excitement? Yes! Would we do it all again tomorrow? In a heartbeat!

Check out our favorite photos from this year, and see below for recipes, our playlist, and more!

If you couldn’t join us for all the fun, don’t fret! You can cook up recipes from Rach’s Feedback House here, from Feedback at Stubb’s here, and enjoy this playlist featuring all our artists to discover old and new favorites.

And a big thanks to…

…our incredible and supportive sponsors, without whom Feedback and the Feedback House would not be possible. Thank you for making this year wonderful!

Rachael Ray