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3 New Sweet Treats to Try

Baking is a sumptuous experience that touches every one of your senses. The scent of warm, buttery dough heating up in the oven, the feel of kneading dough under your hands, peeking into the oven to see how your tempting creation is coming along – we could go on and on. Simply put: Baking is marvelous.

It also doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy. Simple ingredients, simple processes, and beautiful results are what we care about most.

To expand your baking repertoire, we tapped into the recipe box of one of our favorite creators: Rachael’s sister, Maria Betar. Her lovely recipes are straightforward and foolproof! So grab your hand mixer and set aside a little time – things are about to get delicious.

Orange Chocolate Cookies

Orange Chocolate Cookies

Sweet, bright citrusy notes are balanced with simple, buttery cookies and decadent chocolate. You’ll need a cookie press for this one, but we promise it’s worth it!

Raspberry Cheese Coffee Cake

This coffee cake is all you need to complete a cozy morning at home. Fresh, bright berries are balanced with a decadent cake that isn’t overly sweet. Save a slice for us!

Fruit and Nut Thumbprints

Classic thumbprint cookies couldn’t get anymore fantastic with these magnificent morsels. Feel free to try any of your favorite jams (we made strawberry, peach, and raspberry), as the toasty cookie base goes well with all.

Rachael Ray