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5 New Ways to Use Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns

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Nothing says summer quite like hamburgers and hot dogs. Just the smell of a fired up grill wafting through the air makes our stomachs growl. But our favorite summertime cookout creations aren’t complete without the always-reliable bun – the answer to making utensil-free noshing possible!

The fluffy soft bread is often paired with grilled meats (heck, they’re even in the name!), but hamburger buns and hot dog buns are a lot more versatile than you may think. From melt-in-your-mouth desserts to quick and easy pizza crust alternatives, they’re now the shining stars of your next meal.

Toasted Strawberry ‘Shortcake’ with Basil Whipped Cream [2]

Buns lend themselves perfectly to toasting, which is why they’re ideal for this warm, decadent dessert. We use fresh strawberries and are kicking up a basic whipped cream with fresh basil! You won’t miss having to bust out the flour jar OR turning on the oven to make biscuits for this dessert flip.

Caramelized Onion-Dijon Pulled Chicken Salad Sammie on a Split-Top Bun [3]

Picnics abound in the summer! Next time you’re sprawled on the soft, green grass, prepare some delicious and fresh chicken salad made even more tasty on a toasted bun. We substituted Greek yogurt for traditional mayo and added in sweet caramelized onions. Pro-tip: Keeping chicken salad and other dishes cool makes for a better picnic experience. An insulated tote [4] makes bringing cold food a breeze!

The Hawaiian Elvis  [5]


What’s better than the King of Rock n’ Roll (and delicious sammies)? Thanks to Elvis, you’ll want to sing a love song dedicated to peanut butter, bacon and bananas. Trust us, this elegant-looking PB sandwich has a taste to match.

Inside-Out Pimento Cheese Grilled Cheese [6]


We feel that kids in the south have been keeping a secret from us, but we’re not mad. This childhood favorite has a new twist! We’re using rich and delicious pimento cheese between an inside-out sweet, buttery bun. It’s a cheesy delight!

7-Layer Hawaiian Pizza Buns [7]

Test your culinary skills by making your own homemade pizza sauce [8] and grab some Canadian bacon, pineapple, red onion, cheese, basil or oregano to turn your basic hamburger bun into a hearty, Hawaiian pizza!

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