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Queso-Rama! Try These 4 Cheesy Recipes

At Rachael’s 10th annual Feedback, music was certainly an important part of the festivities. But a Rachael Ray festival wouldn’t be complete without insanely delicious food and drinks, and this year’s party didn’t disappoint.

This year, there was a pretty “cheesy” theme too – Texas-style queso, which according to Rach, should feature American cheese and be creamy and smoky. Each of her recipes served up at Stubb’s featured her signature recipe for this classic sauce. Make a batch or two, then try one of these (if you can stop yourself from grabbing some dippers and just loving the queso on its own!):

Nachos Con Chorizo & Queso Suprema

Just like peanut butter and its dear friend, jelly, queso isn’t complete without crispy tortilla chips. Rach kicks this recipe up a notch with her own pico de gallo and Mexican chorizo.

Panchos con Queso

These hot dogs get a spicy punch from an unusual ingredient, but one you’ll definitely want to track down: crispy jalapeños.

Tex-Mex TOTchos

Wanna switch up your nacho routine? Swap out tortilla chips for tater tots – you won’t regret it!

Queso on the Cobb

Corn on the cob is already amazing. But adding queso, sea salt, and a dash of lime turns it into Mexican street-style corn that can’t be beat!

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