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Rachael Talks Career, Culinary Firsts on New Podcast: Beyond the Plate

The culinary world is an $800 billion industry (whoa!), full of talented, generous, and hardworking individuals. Rachael’s friend and Director of Special Projects here at Rachael Ray, Andrew Kaplan (aka “Kappy”), has met some of the best chefs of our time and wants to shed some light on this creative group of hospitality professionals. Learn about their experiences in the industry and the social impact they have made in his new podcast, Beyond the Plate.

In the first episode, Kappy talks shop with author, daytime host, and philanthropist – you guessed it – Rachael Ray. Hear Rach tell her story about entering and navigating the food world, including her career highs and lows, and her many food firsts.

Additionally, a shorter recipe-oriented segment of Beyond the Plate airs every other Wednesday, and that means you can also pick up a few of Rach’s tips and tricks in Episode 002 as she walks you through her classic Carbonara Pasta recipe. There’s a reason she makes this dish every year for her hubby, John Cusimano’s, birthday! “It’s nothing! It’s bacon, eggs, and pasta, which is why John has it, in present day, literally for breakfast on his birthday,” says Rachael. She’ll give you all of her tips and tricks for making it perfect, every time.

And, a meal isn’t complete without a drink to wash it down with. John mixes up the perfect Negroni cocktail to accompany your new favorite pasta recipe (Doesn’t it look incredible?).

Want more Beyond the Plate? Tune in every Wednesday to hear from other talented, culinary professionals! Follow along on social at @onkappysplate or go to

[Photography by Francis Janisch]

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