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Potato and Parsnip Cakes with Two Sauces

With her own special touches, Rach prepares potato pancakes, or latkes, a favorite Eastern European dish especially enjoyed at Passover.


For the horseradish sauce:

For the applesauce:

For the pancakes:


Combine the ingredients for horseradish sauce in small bowl [1] and chill.

Combine the ingredients for the applesauce in a pot, bring to a boil, reduce the heat to medium and cook until the apples break down into a thick sauce, 20-25 minutes. Transfer to a serving dish.

Grate the potatoes and salt them; place in a strainer and drain for 20-30 minutes. Press out all the excess liquid and add to a mixing bowl [1]. Combine with the parsnips, onion, egg, flour or matzo meal and pepper.

Heat a quarter-inch of oil in a large skillet [2] over medium to medium-high heat. Add the potato mixture in 3-4-inch mounds. Gently press down and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side to deeply golden. Keep warm on a rack set over a baking sheet [3] in warm 275ºF oven.

Serve the potato pancakes with the sauces alongside.