Combine 9

Industrial Salon Cabinet, Cart. Barber Station, Reclaimed Wood

Opening (or remodeling) a salon/barber shop is an exciting time! However, finding modern solutions for furniture that will not only physically fit your space, but also work well with your decor can prove to be frustrating. If you have run in to this problem, we have the answer. Here is one of the salon/stylist workstations that we make. These have already been delivered to the client, but we would be happy to get started on one for you. There are many different optien delivered to the client, but we would be happy to get started on one for you. There are many different options for this piece, but the one shown here (and priced) is 36 x 18 x 40 High. It could be built without the casters, without the drawers (or with only one) or just about any other configuration you would like (making it without the drawers would lower the price). This piece would also make a fantastic bar cart or liquor cabinet. As you can see, this piece was made with a steel top that has a fantastic patina. The patina is a chemical reaction within the steel and will vary between pieces (so no two pieces will ever be exactly the same). This one has been made with new wood (which can be stained in any color you like). Reclaimed wood is another option and would look great too. We always have several choices of reclaimed wood available for your consideration (see our other pieces for examples of our reclaimed wood). This one was built with two drawers on one side of the upper portion, and a drop down door on the other side. Model: The CharlotteIf you have any ideas for this piece (or any of our other ones) be sure to let us know. While some changes can be made to this unit at no additional cost, others will affect the price. Our clients include Disney, Google, Hilton Hotels, NBC Universal, Bose, XBox, Vans, Hard Rock Café, Starwood Hotels, and many other fortune 500 companies, not to mention countless wonderful homeowners._______________________________________________________________________* All rights reserved; Combine 9 Design, LLC read more