8 Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas Inspired by Rachael Ray

It's no secret Rachael loves decorating her Christmas trees, but she also decks out her mantel—and we're not just talking about the fireplace. Rach uses window sills as mini mantels, creating period-theme dioramas in each one to tell a story. She uses a combination of new, collected, and vintage items with hand-blown glass ornaments to curate a unique (and oh-so cozy) holiday look. If you're inspired by Rachael's style, try incorporating some of the products below into your own holiday decor.

White rustic wood-carved sitting owl with a brown face and black eyes. photo

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Mini Owl Figurine

Owl statues are not only wintry accents, but they also have a special place in Rachael's decor—her childhood nickname was "Little Hoot." She likes making a nest out of rafia and nestling a few owls among her holiday decorations. Woodland creatures are a great addition to a Christmas scene, especially if you have a rustic-themed tree.

Price: $13

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Five assorted gold mercury glass votive candleholders in a variety of shapes and sizes. photo

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Mercury Glass Votive Candleholders

Mixing in these gorgeous votive candleholders is the perfect way to add some vintage-inspired charm to your Christmas mantel. The gold mercury glass makes the set feel like an antique, and when tea lights (even battery-operated ones) are placed inside, they emit a warm, welcoming glow. Each candleholder in this five-piece set has a unique shape, giving it a curated, yet cohesive, look.

Price: $20

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Colorful 50-piece traditional Christmas village set complete with buildings, a church, trees, people, and more. photo

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Christmas Village Set

If you're looking for a nostalgic touch for your mantel decor, check out this tiny Christmas village scene. The animated village plays eight classic holiday songs, and the light-up houses can be set on a timer. Group the 30-piece set together for a full display, or take a note from Rach and split up the set to decorate a few window sills in your home.

Price: $124

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Vintage red truck figurine decorated with colorful Christmass lights and pine needle sprigs in the bed. photo

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Vintage Truck Christmas Figurine

This old-fashioned truck figurine throws it back to the days of picking out a real Christmas tree when you were a kid—and maybe you still keep the tradition alive! The statue makes a charming addition to your Christmas mantel. Collect the other vehicles, like a retro station wagon or RV camper, to complete the theme.

Price: $20

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Set of three white antique bottles in a variety of sizes each with a holiday saying of peace, joy, or Merry Christmas. photo

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Holiday Antique Milk Bottle Set

Another way to incorporate some retro flair, this antique milk bottle set accents holiday decor beautifully. Each bottle is finished with a sprig of evergreen, berries, and acorns, and if you don't have a space for them on your mantel, they'd make an adorable addition to your kitchen window sill.

Price: $40

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Red and green colored hand-blown glass ornament hung on a gold tassel. photo

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Hand-Blown Glass Ornaments

Ornaments aren't just for decorating the tree. Try dispersing hand-blown glass ornaments among your Christmas mantel display to fill in empty space. This set is available in traditional red and green colors, or if you prefer a monochromatic style they're also available in silver and white. Due to the handmade nature of these ornaments, each one is unique. Get them while they're on sale!

Price: $19 (usually $33) for three

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Green Christmas tree figurine with colored lights and a gold star tree topper. photo

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Christmas Tree Figurine

Did your mom or grandma set out a little, lighted Christmas tree statue on the table every year? If you don't know what happened to the figurine from your childhood, the vintage style is making a comeback. This tree statue from Target is available in two different sizes (7-inch or 14-inch) and two different colors (green or white). Now you can place one in the center of your table or finish off your Christmas mantel display.

Price: $15

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Monocramatic golden figurine display dusted with crisp white faux snow filler. photo

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Faux Snow

Rachael likes finishing her holiday decor with a sprinkling of faux snow. Dust it over the mantel and garland or pack it around your village scene for a winter wonderland look. If you have extra snow left over, it makes a great vase filler. Add it to a glass vase and top with holiday ornaments for a quick and easy centerpiece.

Price: $17

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