7 Decorative Shelves That Are Functional and Fabulous

Maximize your storage space with these seven functional, yet oh-so-stylish, shelves.


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Rachael Ray Highline Étagère

Add extra storage to your home with the Rachael Ray Highline Étagère—a stunning piece of furniture with multiple open shelves. Rach's Highline collection is comprised of modern, textured pieces that reflect the bold, fresh vibe of New York City. The Highline Étagère features sleek, seamless lines, a gorgeous pairing of glass and wood, and three adjustable shelves with a pass-through drawer. Double the drama (and the storage space) by purchasing two and placing them side-by-side.

Price: $1,399

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Rachael Ray Soho Display Cabinet

Present colorful china, gorgeous glassware, and decorative vases using the Rachael Ray Soho Display Cabinet. An eclectic mix of unique finishes, simple silhouettes, and functionality, the Soho collection is full of fun pieces infused with retro charm. Showcasing fine dinnerware and treasured keepsakes is even easier with the three-way touch light at the top of the cabinet and the adjustable glass shelves. The Midcentury-Modern gold-finished metal legs are beautiful additions to this display cabinet, and the shelving unit is versatile enough to complement existing furnishings.

Price: $1,680

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Shape Wall Shelf

Shelving units don't have to be rectangular. Shake up traditional decorative shelves with this round wall shelf. Crafted from solid mango wood, the warm honey finish integrates seamlessly into cozy, relaxing spaces. Hang it near your reading chair in the den to display books, or in the bathroom to hold hand towels and decorative vases. Part shelf, part work of art, this circular shelf makes blank wall space beautiful and functional. Bonus: The T-shape divider lets you hang the shelf however you see fit.

Price: $299

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Filmore Bookcase

Speaking of shelves that look like art, check out the Filmore Bookcase. Multiple levels and crisp angles add to the visual intrigue. Mix and match plants, books, and decor to complete this polished style. The brass-finished metal enhances the modern vibe, and tempered glass shelves make this bookcase super chic. Integrate it into your contemporary decor for a unique and visually stunning look.

Price: $2,455

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Industrial Modular Open & Closed Storage

Combine the best of open and closed shelving with this industrial-inspired storage piece. Mixed materials are signature of the industrial design trend, and with natural mango wood and blackened steel frames and legs, this piece is a standout. The freestanding shelf is enough to increase your storage space. Pair it with other pieces in the collection, like the industrial modular desk, and you'll be ready to complete your home office.

Price: $699

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Geometric Wood Wall Storage

Geometric shapes add more spice to your space, and this decorative shelf is no exception. Fir wood with a rustic finish creates a trapezoidal shelf that's versatile and beautiful. The interior triangles not only add visual interest, but they also provide unique space to display small plants and knickknacks. Grab one cubby to add some pizzazz to a wall or desk, or transform your space by creating elaborate shapes with multiple shelves.

Price: $29.99

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Entryway Storage Wall Shelf

Maximize storage space by adding this entryway shelf near your front door. Complete with two canvas bins and hooks, this entryway shelf provides ample room to organize hats, scarves, mittens, and coats. The top shelf is also a great place to display family photos or fresh flowers. Looking for more ways to make your entryway clutter-free and get organized this year? Check out these five entryway must-haves to keep your family Monday-morning ready.

Price: $45.95

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