How to Style an Overdyed Rug in Your Home

Overdyed rugs bring vibrant colors and bold patterns to your space. They look this way because, in a traditional overdyeing process, an older, faded rug is dyed with a new, bright color. It restores them and gives them new life—and their signature bold look. Today, many new rugs incorporate this look, giving you a wide range of styles. With three great looks for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, we'll give you all the inspiration you need to style these gorgeous area rugs in your home.

Brown dining room set atop a blue overdyed area rug

Styling an Overdyed Rug in the Living Room

Decorating with an overdyed rug helps bring excitement and intrigue to your room without overpowering the space. Pair it with simple pieces that won't compete with, but instead enhance, its beauty.

Keep your space in mind as you select an area rug. If you have a small, dark living room, then you may want to go lighter. If you have a larger, brighter room, then darker tones can add a nice contrast. There's no point in having an accent rug if it blends in with the rest of your flooring, so don't be afraid to go bold.

This overdyed rug has dark, strong colors, so the furniture around it should be light and airy, like this gray accent chair and simple planter. Break up the light neutrals by mixing some different pieces like this dark, round accent table to give your room dimension and offset the square silhouettes. Have fun playing with different shapes and contrasting hues until you have a living room that fits your style.

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Styling an Overdyed Rug in the Bedroom

Cool tones like blues and grays offer a serene retreat to help you relax and unwind, but warm hues cozy up a space. If you're interested in a bright rug for your bedroom, balance it with neutral furniture and white linens so as not to overwhelm the space.

This orange overdyed rug brings a nice pop of color to the room, but the intentional fading softens the look. Dark wood adds warmth, so consider pairing the orange rug with the Rachael Ray Home Soho Panel Bed and a Midcentury-modern side table. To keep the wood additions from feeling too heavy, choose lighter accessories that help brighten the bedroom. For example, this natural bamboo vase complements the surrounding decor with its red undertones and wood texture, while this fluffy Midcentury ottoman adds fun texture with its white faux fur.

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Styling an Overdyed Rug in the Kitchen

We've all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home—and it is so true. While tiles, stones, and hardwoods are essential for easy cleanup in the kitchen, in your dining area, it's sometimes nice to add softer textures. Mixing textures and patterns makes the space feel warm and welcoming, and a simple color scheme helps anchor the look. Just like every other room in your home, keep the brightness and size of your space in mind. For instance, a dark room with dark accessories will make the space feel more cramped.

This Turkish-inspired overdyed blue rug is a charming addition. Vacuum it regularly and blot spills immediately with a clean cloth to keep it looking its best. The rich blue and beige color combo lays the perfect foundation for a blue-and-white palette throughout the rest of your eating area. Opt for a large light-to-mid-toned wood table and white armless chairs to help balance the darker hues in the rug (These picks are also a good start if you prefer a country cottage aesthetic.). Tie in the blue tones with these striped placemats and fringed napkins. They bring playful patterns and texture to the table setting without being overbearing. Finish the breezy tabletop with crisp white dinnerware so the blue tones don't become monotonous.

All that's left to do is gather family and friends around the table to enjoy some tasty eats. Try one of these Rachael Ray recipes to shake up your dinner routine.

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