These Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants Are Guaranteed to Freshen Up Your Space

Spruce up your home—with little to no work—with pretty plants that don't require much attention. Just don't forget to water them once in a while!

Set of nine different tiny cactus plants in black planter pots. photo

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Cactus Collection

Despite their tough exterior, cacti are actually pretty easy to care for. You don't need a green thumb to help a cactus thrive; all it needs is lots of sunlight and a little water. In fact, it's more common for plant owners to overwater their cactus rather than underwater it. This variety pack comes with nine different cactus species, some that grow flowers and others with needle-like "leaves." Place them in these these little terra-cotta pots and spread them throughout your home for a touch of greenery in every room.

Price: $36 for nine

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Dark green Heartleaf Philodendron in black planter pot. photo

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Heartleaf (or Sweetheart) Philodendron

A heartleaf philodendron is a full-bodied plant that cascades over the sides of its pot, so you can really admire the leaves. It tolerates both dry and humid air while growing in many levels of light. Place it in a fun pot that has neutral colors and a unique design to make this lush green plant stand out. Tip: If small leaves or large spaces between leaves show, it means your philodendron needs more light.

Price: $1

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Small-leaf jade plant in rust-colored planter pot. photo

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Jade Plant

Jade is a member of the succulent family, which means it's a resilient, durable, and long-living plant. This particular jade plant boasts a deep green color, while others can have yellow- or red-tipped leaves, tubular leaves, and one variety has variegated leaves of white and cream. Place your jade in a simple pot to show off the interesting shape. Fun fact: You can take the leaf of many species of succulents, plant them in the dirt, and start growing a new one!

Price: $8

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Leafy Spider Plant with green and white-striped leaves in a black planter pot. photo

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Spider Plant

A spider plant comes with other benefits beyond an attractive exterior. It can help keep the air in your home clean, too! Like many house plants, the spider plant contains properties that help clear the air of pollutants. Place your growing spider plant in a neutral pot that'll allow it to flourish and take center stage.

Price: $5

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Green Aloe Vera plant in a black planter pot. photo

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Aloe Vera

Another beneficial plant is aloe vera. You likely recognize the name from the popular sunburn-cooling gel you can shop at drugstores, and this succulent works just as well. You could even cut off one of the leaves to replace the gel. Try out this earthy ceramic planter for your aloe vera plant and place it on the windowsill in the kitchen. That way it's always close by to treat minor burns or irritating bug bites.

Price: $9

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Large-leaf Golden Devil's Ivy plant in rust-colored planter pot. photo

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Golden Devil's Ivy

For a super leafy plant, look no further than the Golden Devil Ivy. This lush plant is incredibly resilient and features trailing stems that look great in a hanging planter. Give it a place of prominence and let its gold-flecked leaves catch the sunlight by placing it in a vase that's equally charming.

Price: $2

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