5 Halloween Decorations for a Spooky Celebration

Set out your pumpkins and dust off your witch's hat, because the scariest night of the year is almost here! Throw the party of the season with these festive Halloween decorations to help you celebrate the macabre, the scary, and the downright frightening in style.

Spooky iron-crafted haunted house candleholders photo

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Haunted House Candleholders

Get into the season by casting your home in a ghoulish glow with these haunting candleholders. The iron houses are intricately decorated with bats, spiderwebs, and all the eerie elements you need. Place a flameless candle inside or wind a set of string lights within to deck out your haunted house display for your Halloween party.

Price: From $23 (usually $30)

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Realistic creepy branch wreath in black photo

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Black Branch Wreath

With jutting brambles and realistic-looking branches, this wreath's mysterious air sets the tone for your spooky Halloween bash. Hang it on your door to welcome guests, or use it to surround candles for a ghostly centerpiece.

Price: $40 (usually $50)

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Halloween-inspired jack-o-latern string lights photo

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Halloween String Lights

What's a party without some mood lighting? Celebrate the lighter side of the season with these jack-o'-lantern lights. Weave them throughout your Halloween decorations or hang them from the ceiling to create a warm atmosphere that'll keep the darkness at bay.

Price: $5 (usually $17)

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Collection of pumpkin spice bath items photo

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Pumpkin Spice Essential Oils Collection

Nothing says fall quite like pumpkin spice. This expansive collection has nearly every pumpkin-spiced item you could ever want (minus the latte). Choose from lightly scented soaps, lotions, candles, and more to enjoy the rich fragrances of pumpkin bread, brown sugar, and vanilla throughout the season. Halloween party guests will likely appreciate the pumpkin-inspired aroma, too. Note: Each item in this collection is sold individually.

Price: from $13

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Cushioned wine-inspired Halloween kitchen mat photo

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Happy Hallo Wine Kitchen Mat

Wine is a must for any holiday celebration, and Halloween is no exception (We highly recommend mulled wine to warm your heartโ€”and handsโ€”this season). Mix a special wine-infused cocktail while you rest your feet on this fun kitchen mat. Comfortable and complete with rubber backing, you'll never have to fear slipping (or worseโ€”spilling!) when crossing this festive mat to serve more of your favorite wine-inspired drinks to your friends.

Price: $46 (usually $60)

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