The Way to Dad's Heart: 3 Recipes to Make on Father's Day

This is the year to put a delicious twist on Dad's favorite steak dinner by trying one of these recipes from Rachael Ray. They whip up in a snap, so you can spend even more quality time with Dad on his special day.

Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas

Jazz up a traditional steak dinner with this festive fajita recipe that's packed with flavor—trust us, Dad will definitely want second helpings! The steak takes just 15 minutes to marinate, and everything cooks in about 20 minutes, helping you prepare a tasty spread in less than an hour. The veggies and steak cook together on one large sheet pan so you have fewer dishes to wash later. Just make sure to have a food processor on hand to make prep even easier.

Barbecue Bathed Steaks with Bakers and Broccoli

If barbecue is the way to Dad's heart, give this savory recipe a try. Complete with baked potatoes (topped with a yummy homemade ranch dip) and broccolini, this dish is worth repeating for other celebrations. Tip: Gift Dad with the ultimate "grill master" gear for the perfect cookout. If you decide to celebrate Father's Day indoors, a cast-iron skillet or griddle will give the steaks a satisfying sear.

Portobello Mushroom, Pepper, and Onion Philly Steaks and Old Bay Waffle Fries

Dad won't even miss the steak when he bites into this meatless version of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. The secret lies in plumping up the mushrooms for a hearty filling (get Rachael's cooking tips in the video here). And don't forget to top it with ooey-gooey cheese sauce and Italian peppers! For a side, spice up frozen waffle fries (literally) with Old Bay and other seasonings. This vegetarian meal is a great option whether you're dining on the patio or enjoying a meal indoors on a rainy day.