3 Make-Ahead Meals for Kids to Enjoy During Spring Break

If you're taking a "staycation" for spring break this year, be prepared with some delicious meals to enjoy with the kids while they're home. These three Rachael Ray recipes are easy to make in advance, and they keep well to be savored later—not to mention they're incredibly tasty!

A Spicy Twist on the Classic Burger

For a burger with a little kick, try Rachael's Beef and Chorizo Burgers with Smoky Salsa and Pepper Jack Cheese. (This recipe is easy to modify for meatless diets or those with sensitivity to spice.) All you need is a knife, cutting board, food processor, and nonstick skillet to whip up this simple and mouthwatering meal. Tip: Make your burger patties thinner at the center than the edges for more even cooking. If you have leftovers, store the patties and salsa in separate containers to keep them fresher longer.

Hearty Ramen Bowl

Who doesn't love a yummy bowl of ramen? Rach's Cold Ramen and Chicken Bowl is not only delicious, it's also a lot more satisfying than the store-bought, microwavable version. Make sure you have a good knife to chop the veggies for the standout feature of this dish: the tasty scallion sauce. Rachael says it keeps for weeks, and if you make a larger batch than this recipe calls for, you can use it in other meals, too! It tastes great on noodles, vegetables, salads, and even omelets. Just make sure to store everything in individual airtight containers for freshness.

Get More Greens

Pasta is usually a favorite among kiddos, but greens typically aren't. This dish allows you to incorporate leafy greens in a flavorful way! Rachael's Pasta with Portobellos, Cherry Tomatoes, and Dark Greens is a great meat-free meal, but you can always add ground beef or turkey for extra protein. You'll need a small pot to plump the mushrooms and a large stock pot to boil the pasta. If you decide to make a double batch, store the leftovers in large microwave-friendly containers for a quick and yummy meal to enjoy later in the week.

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