9 Unique Laundry Room Essentials for a Prim and Pressed Look

Organize, simplify, and make laundry day more fun with these laundry essentials that you can quickly and easily add to your laundry room.

Slim clothing system that steams and deodorizes garments without washing photo

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Swash Shadow Express Clothing Care System

Make your clothes date-night-ready in minutes with the Swash Shadow Express Clothing Care System. Simply hang your garment on the pop-out rack, insert a Swash pod, then your clothes will feel clean and fresh in as little as 10 minutes. It dewrinkles, refreshes, restores, and preserves your clothes so you can go longer between machine washes or dry-cleaning visits. All it needs is an outlet, and the slim design doesn't take up much space, so place it in your laundry room, closet, or bedroom for easy access and quick cleans.

Price: $399

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White fold-out accordion drying rack mounted on the wall with hooks underneath photo

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Accordion Drying Rack

Dry delicate clothes with the space-saving accordion drying rack. This 10-rack accordion structure easily extends far enough for a sweater to lie flat, or utilize all the racks to hang wet clothes so you don't have to run the dryer. Five hooks are available along the base for additional hanging options, and you can use the top shelf to store laundry essentials or display decor. The water-resistant drying rack makes a functional and attractive addition to your laundry room.

Price: $119.95

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Triple hamper on wheels with flip-top ironing board photo

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Combo Laundry Center

Whether you keep this triple hamper in the laundry room or wheel it from your bedroom to the machines, this handy essential makes laundry day a lot easier. The removable, ventilated hampers allow flexibility when it comes to sorting or toting loads, and the lift-up ironing board offers a nice space to quickly press your attire as soon as it's done drying. If you don't iron often, the board also serves as a flat surface for you to fold your clothes. The simple design and neutral color make it a nice fit no matter which room you keep it in.

Price: $93.99

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Blue Rowenta Steamforce Iron with Steam Force injection system photo

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Rowenta Steamforce Iron

Stubborn wrinkles are no match for the Rowenta Steamforce iron. Delivering impeccable results, this iron uses a Steam Force injection system that produces 30 percent more steam than the average iron. Rounded stainless steel soleplate edges help the iron glide effortlessly over fabric, while the vertical steam feature is optimal for drapes, hanging garments, and dresses. And, to make things even better, this iron also self-cleans!

Price: $175

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Stainless iron holder to store an iron, ironing board, and other laundry essentials photo

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Iron Holder

Keep all of your ironing necessities in one place with this handy iron holder. Crafted from durable metal, this mounted shelf can hold your iron, ironing board, and additional accessories in a convenient, accessible location. Hang this compact holder discreetly behind the door of your laundry room or inside a closet for a crisp and clean look. Important note: You can attach your board to the shelf, but it cannot hold a Y-shaped ironing board.

Price: $49

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Modular laundry organizer system that includes 3 peg rails, a drying rack, a hanging shelf, and canvas laundry hamper photo

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Hook Laundry Organizer System

Maximize your space in a small laundry room with this hook laundry organizer system. Included are three peg rails, one drying rack, one multi shelf, and one hanging canvas hamper. The modular system can be configured in several different ways to work for your space, and the white-painted mango wood instantly adds charm. Pro tip: Buy an additional canvas hamper and use the monogram option to label one "clean" and one "dirty" (or "lights" and "darks") to make sorting a breeze.

Price: $359

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Black rug with laundry symbols and their meanings photo

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Laundry Comfort Mat

Make laundry day easier on your joints with this fun, spongy comfort mat. Not only will it provide a cushy place for your feet as you fold a clean load, but it also helps decipher those confusing laundry symbols—it speaks the international language of laundry.

Price: $55–$79

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White and teal collapsible laundry basket photo

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Collapsible Laundry Basket

Save space with the collapsible laundry basket. Coming in a few different colors, choose your favorite from gray and white, blue and white, or gray and blue. You can rely on the grippy rubber handles to help you carry up to two full loads to and from your laundry room. When you're done, quickly collapse the laundry basket and it stow away until you need it again.

Price: $19.99

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Dryer balls that look like white hedgehogs, an alternative to dryer sheets photo

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Hedgehog Dryer Balls

Laundry doesn't have to be a drag when you have these cute guys to help you out. Saving you both money and energy, these dryer balls help to lift and separate your clothes to effectively dry your loads in less time. The little nubs naturally soften the fabric, reducing static cling and wrinkles. Use them in place of traditional dryer sheets and fabric softener for a more efficient and budget-friendly way to do the laundry. Plus, they make drying more fun with their adorable faces peeking out at you every time you unload.

Price: $5.99

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