The 5 Best Cookie Sheets to Buy Right Now, According to Amazon Reviews

While "baking pans" and "cookie sheets" are often used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference. Baking pans have a lip all the way around, making them suitable for roasting meat to catch any juice. Cookie sheets, on the other hand, are wide and flat (made for baking dozens of cookies!) with at least one raised edge for easy gripping. Now that we've clarified the difference, we scoured Amazon reviews to find the best cookie sheets to handle your baking adventures season after season.

AirBake Non-Stick Mega Cookie Sheet, 20 x 15.5 in. photo

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Best Non-Stick Cookie Sheet: AirBake Mega Cookie Sheet

When you're baking cookies for all of your loved ones this holiday season, efficiency is key. Made of 100 percent aluminum and insulated to prevent overheating, this cookie sheet can actually decrease your bake time up to 15 percent, allowing you to bake more batches in a day. To sweeten the deal, its extra-wide size and non-stick coating make transferring even more cookies from the sheet to a serving platter effortless.

Price: $20

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Nordic Ware Large Aluminum Cookie Sheet photo

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Best Commercial Cookie Sheet: Nordic Ware Classic Cookie Sheet

If you want your bakeware to last for the long haul, this durable cookie sheet may be the one for you. Its large, rust-proof aluminum surface helps cookies rise and bake evenly due to superior heat conductivity. It can be used with or without parchment paper and is a hand-wash-only cookie sheet.

Price: $19

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Warp-resistant cookie sheet by USA Pan photo

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Best Warp-Resistant Cookie Sheet: USA Pan Cookie Sheet

Regular exposure to heat can warp less-than-durable cookie sheets, but not this one. The USA Pan cookie sheet is made of heavy-gauge aluminized steel and coated with non-stick Americoat. It's built tough to avoid warping up to 400° F, effortlessly releases baked goods, and cleans up well with hot water and mild soap.

Price: $22

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Set of two aluminum AirBake Cookie Sheets photo

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Best Value: AirBake 2-Pack Cookie Sheet Set

Bake double the amount of sweet treats with this fantastic two-for-one deal. Both sheets are made of 100 percent aluminum with a no-rust promise for up to 10 years. They're equipped with air insulation, which helps prevent the top sheet from overheating and burning your cookies. And since you get two for less than the price of any one in our top five list, this cookie sheet set is a no-brainer for holiday baking. It's a great gift idea, too!

Price: $18

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Heavy-gauge steel non-stick cookie sheet by Calphalon photo

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Easiest Cleanup: Calphalon Non-Stick Cookie Sheet

This heavy-gauge steel cookie sheet promotes even baking with two lipped sides for easy maneuvering—once removed from the oven, simply tilt the pan and cookies, dinner rolls, and other baked goods slide right off. But two raised edges aren't the most unique feature of this cookie sheet; it's also dishwasher-safe for fuss-free cleanup. Plus, it's backed by a lifetime warranty so you can bake as many cookies on this sheet as your kitchen allows!

Price: $30

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