9 Kitchen Tools to Gift the Mom Who Loves to Cook

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if your mom is the cook in the family, she'll love these kitchen gadgets. From multipurpose tools to kitchen staples, these are the gifts she'll use again and again.

Rachael Ray 3-Piece Spoonula Set in Red photo

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Rachael Ray 3-Piece Spoonula Set

Mom will appreciate scooping, scraping, and transferring her tasty treats all with one tool. This nifty spoon/spatula combo is dishwasher safe, graded to withstand up to 500 degrees F (400 degrees F for the handle), and perfect to use with nonstick pans. Speaking of, this colorful set would be a great add-on to gifting a new cookware set for Mother's Day!

Price: $13

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Rachael Ray 2-Piece Tong Set in Red photo

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Rachael Ray 2-Piece Huggers Tong Set

Tongs are a kitchen workhorse, and your mama will thank you for the extra help. These "lil' huggers" come with a set of small and a large tongs, and both feature grippy, heat-resistant silicone handles for comfort. Bonus: The tongs can lock into a closed position to take up less space when not in use.

Price: $25

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Rachael Ray Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispensing Bottles in Red photo

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Rachael Ray Stoneware 2-Piece EVOO and Vinegar Dispensing Bottles

If you've ever seen Rachael's show, then you know EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) is a staple in her kitchen. If it's a must in your mom's kitchen, too, then she'll love these super stylish dispensing bottles. Each one is ergonomically designed and offers an easy pour so she'll always get the right amount of EVOO or vinegar on her food—not her countertop!
Price: $22 (usually $60)

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Rachael Ray Lazy Tools Set in Red, featuring a solid and slotten spoon and a spoonula photo

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Rachael Ray 3-Piece Lazy Tools Set

Give mom the gift of convenience with this fun set. Pretty and practical, each spoon (solid, slotted, and spoonula) features a notch in the handle to rest on the rim of a pot or pan. They confine drips to the cookware so there's less mess on than the stove, counter, or floor. So, you're also giving her the gift of a cleaner kitchen!

Price: $20 (usually $25)

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Rachael Ray kitchen towel and pot holder all in one photo

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Rachael Ray Moppine

Speaking of less mess, you have to add Rachael's ingenious Moppine to Mom's arsenal. This unique tool combines the super absorbent powers of a towel and the heat resistance of a hot pad. Whether she's drying dishes, sopping up a spill, or grabbing cookies from the oven, she'll reach for the Moppine every time.

Price: $15

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Rachael Ray Bench Scraper in Red at Amazon photo

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Rachael Ray Bench Scraper

Help make prep work (and cleanup) easier for your mom with this handy bench scraper. The edge is perfect for dividing dough, and the wide blade makes easy work of scooping and transferring chopped ingredients in one fell swoop a breeze. Plus, the grippy handle comes in several colors to match other Rachael Ray cookware and kitchen gadgets.

Price: $7

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Rachael Ray Japanese Steel Knife Set in Red featuring a chef and utility knife photo

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Rachael Ray 2-Piece Japanese Steel Knife Set

Reliable knives are a must in the kitchen. From dicing and slicing to chopping, this two-piece set can tackle a variety of cooking tasks. It includes a chef and utility knife, each crafted from durable, corrosion-resistant Japanese steel, and has a colorful, grippy handle for easy use.

Price: $30

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Rachael Ray Multi-Grater in Red at Walmart photo

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Rachael Ray Multi-Grater

Spice up your Mother's Day gift by including this colorful multi-grater. Unlike traditional graters, this one lets you grate foods directly into a pot or over a plate. It's designed to be used over practically anything—pots, pans, bowls, cutting boards, you name it. The large, easy-to-grip handles allow for better stability so you can grate small pieces, like garlic (Rach's fave!), with ease.

Price: $20 (usually $25)

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Rachael Ray 3-Tier Acacia Wood Circular Stacking Salt Box photo

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Rachael Ray 3-Tier Stacking Salt Box

If your mom likes to keep a large supply of salt, pepper, or herbs on hand to amp up the flavor, this three-tier stacking box is the perfect gift. Each of the acacia wood bowls stack neatly to seal in freshness (with a top lid included) and to keep clutter to a minimum. It's a great item to organize the kitchen and keep spices stored in a moisture-free environment. Plus, it's currently on sale, so grab two—one for her and one for you!

Price: $20 (usually $25)

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