8 Pretty Planters to Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Whether you're an experienced gardener or simply want to experiment cooking with fresher ingredients, a personal herb garden is a great way to elevate your dishes—and your home. Check out these beautiful planters and herb suggestions to get started.

Long white divided fluted windowsill planter photo

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Fluted Windowsill Planter

Add some charm to your windowsill with a pretty planter. This one is a great option because it has a narrow, oblong shape and shallow depth ideal for a mini herb garden. Plus, it features dividers to keep your herbs separate, which will also help prevent aggressive herbs from taking over your entire planter. Place it in a window that gets plenty of sunlight and start growing herbs like rosemary—just remember to water them!

Price: $79

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Dark turquoise ceramic planter on a wood stand photo

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Dark Turquoise Ceramic Planter with Wood Stand

Some herbs, like mint, prefer to have their own space and aren't fond of sharing a planter. Mint is an aggressive herb and will choke other herbs if planted in the same container. To keep a steady supply of mint on hand (for all those tasty mojitos!), plant it in its very own pot, like this beautiful turquoise one. Keep this planter indoors next to windows that receive indirect sunlight to help your new mint plant thrive.

Price: $25

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Hanging planter made of white ceramic with a brass-colored metal base photo

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Belham Living Hayden Ceramic Hanging Planter

A hanging planter is a great way to grow herbs that prefer a little shade. Hang this lovely, self-draining planter right outside your door, window, or wherever your roof has an overhang to give your lower-light herbs, like cilantro, a peaceful place to grow.

Price: $26 (usually $28)

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Whitewashed terracota cement planters in two different sizes. photo

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Terracotta Etched Cement Athena Outdoor Planter

If you want to bring your indoor plants outside for the spring and summer, then this planter may be the one for you. The durable cement container can handle almost any type of weather, and the whitewashed terracotta hue gives it an earthy feel. Plus, it comes in two different sizes to fit your needs. Choose to grow a popular culinary herb like basil—it's perfect to have on hand when you're craving some homemade pesto!

Price: from $50

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Different-size ceramic wall planters in black and white photo

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Ceramic Wallscape Planters

Plant a whole herb garden right in your kitchen for easy access and a beautiful wall display. These fun planters come in two sizes and two colors (black or white) to create a living gallery wall. What you can grow will depend on how much light you get. If the wall gets indirect sunlight, parsley is a good option that actually grows best in a little shade.

Price: from $19 each

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White counter planter with eight interchangeable mesh pots. photo

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Watex Pixel Garden Indoor Planter

If wall space is limited in your home, consider a tabletop indoor herb garden instead. This one comes with eight interchangeable mesh pots, and there's even space for you to add your own labels. Place it on your kitchen counter or wherever you get the best light. If you're looking for an herb that loves to soak up the sun, try some fragrant lavender.

Price: $41

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Long white windowsill planter with scissors. photo

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Herb Planter with Scissors

For a novice herb gardener, a planter like this one may just be what you need. It's a great option for herbs that don't mind sharing the same pot, and it even includes scissors for trimming. Try growing thyme or basil and place the planter on a windowsill that gets lots of sunlight. It's a great addition to your kitchen, or even your home office to add a little greenery and pleasant aroma to your workspace.

Price: $30

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Rustic wood ladder with five galvanized metal pots hanging from different rungs. photo

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American Mercantile Wood Ladder Planter

This ladder with galvanized metal pots adds rustic charm to your garden. With five large planters, you'll have plenty of space to grow a variety of herbs like sage. It's ideal for indoor or outdoor use and can even be used to display your favorite faux plants if you want to fill out the structure. Just make sure you place it in the right spot so your living plants get the sun they need!

Price: $81

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