Plates, Drinkware, and More for Outdoor Gatherings

Dinnerware set with blue accents photo

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Rachael Ray Brushstrokes Dinnerware Set

With cool blue tones and hand-painted accents, this Rachael Ray dinnerware set brings a coastal vibe to your backyard. Created to be beautiful and functional, this stoneware dinnerware set is microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe. To warm leftovers, you can even place the dishes in the oven up to 250°F for 20 minutes or less. Complete your outdoor dining ambience by setting the table with modern flatware that's sure to make a splash at your next get-together.

Price: $69.99

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Beige woven runner with a fishnet design photo

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Fishnet Woven Runner

There's no need to be formal for an outdoor party, which is why the Fishnet Woven Runner is perfect for your table. This piece is entirely handwoven from natural abaca fibers in an airy, loose pattern, and it brings a laid-back element to your decor. Choose from three simple hues (slate, black, or natural) to provide the backdrop for a beautiful tablescape. When the party's over, wipe it with a cloth and shake it out for an easy, breezy cleanup. Pair it with glass elements tinted blue or green with pops of warmer colors to complete an ocean-inspired theme.

Price: $29

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Set of four cloth napkins with a blue stripe around the edges photo

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Linen Napkins, Set of 4

If you want to add a little sophistication to your outdoor gatherings, set the table with these teal-trim linen napkins. They accent the Rachael Ray Brushstrokes Dinnerware Set beautifully and elevate your tablescape while keeping it cool and casual. Keep them looking their best with a gentle-cycle wash in cold water and plenty of space to air dry.

Price: $23.96

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Geometric napkin rings made from wood photo

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Carved Wood Geometric Napkin Rings, Set of 4

Take your table setting to the next level with this napkin ring set. The rings are handcrafted with a unique geometric shape and patterned accents. Not only do the napkin rings add another natural element to your table, but they'll also help weigh the linen napkins down if you happen to choose a windy day for your outdoor get-together.

Price: $11.96

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White plate set with different cocktails on them photo

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Rachael Ray Party Plate Set

Have a little fun with your outdoor dinnerware by using the Rachael Ray Cocktails Party Plate Set. Each salad plate features a colorful cocktail that looks good enough to drink, but the unique design also helps your guests keep track of which plate is theirs (Dibs on the martini plate!). Bonus: Turn the stoneware plate over for the recipe, then share or make them with your friends.

Price: $39.99

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Flatware set including forks, knives, and spoons photo

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5-Piece Flatware Set

This hand-forged five-piece flatware set will fit right in next to the woven table runner and linen napkins. Because they're hand-made, each piece features a unique texture and adds a subtle, rustic element to your table. Allow your guests to dine in style with this polished flatware set, and remember, no outdoor gathering is complete without good people and good food.

Price: $39.95

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Stoneware serving platter in blue photo

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Rachael Ray Cucina Stoneware Platter, Agave Blue

Serve your snacks using the Rachael Ray Cucina Platter. Staying true to our color scheme, the earthy agave blue stoneware platter helps tie together a cohesive tablescape. Reheat appetizers in the microwave or oven (up to 250°F for 30 minutes or less), or keep frozen snacks chilled in the freezer—this durable platter can handle it all. For all your outdoor and indoor entertaining, this serving tray will soon become a staple.

Price: $29.99

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Acrylic drinking glasses with blue rings around the bottom photo

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Banded Acrylic Drinking Glasses

Made for outdoor fun and play, these durable glasses can withstand accidental drops and bumps, making them a nice alternative to fragile glass. And, the subtle blue bands pair nicely with the Rachael Ray dinnerware and linen napkins, so your outdoor space will be just as beautiful as your indoor dining area.

Price: $8.95–$9.95

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Large acrylic pitcher filled with lemonade photo

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Classic Acrylic Pitcher

Worry less about accidental drops and spills with this shatter-resistant acrylic pitcher. Serve up your favorite cocktails, teas, or lemonade to keep your guests hydrated and coming back for more. Just like the acrylic glasses above, place this pitcher on the top rack only of your dishwasher for a hassle-free cleanup. Tip: When you're not entertaining, use this pitcher as a vase and put your favorite flowers on display.

Price: $24.50

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Short stemless wine glasses photo

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Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 4

Unlike milk, it's completely acceptable to cry over spilled wine. If you can't save the wine, you can at least save the drinkware with these shatterproof stemless wine glasses. The built-in thumb notch helps ensure a firmer grip so your guests can enjoy every last drop of their favorite vino. While the shatterproof feature is ideal for patio parties, you may want to bring these glasses inside for all your indoor soirées as well.

Price: $17.95

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Three small snack bowls connected in the center photo

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Rope Melamine Triple Snack Bowl

Crafted from high-quality melamine, this snack bowl gives the impression of clear, molded glass, but luckily it won't break like glass. Set out an assortment of nuts, veggies, and other munchies without worrying about shattering. In addition to its durability, the rope detail on the handle is the finishing touch. Let the party begin!

Price: $24.50

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