Outdoor Lamps & Lanterns to Welcome Holiday Guests

Brighten up your walkway this holiday season with decorative lighting options that transform your sidewalk into a festive wonderland.

Two solar lanterns hanging from black shepherd's hooks photo

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Classical Hanging Solar Lanterns with Shepherd's Hooks

This set of solar lights allows you to light up both sides of your sidewalk in an energy-efficient way. The lanterns' simple diamond design and shepherd's hook stakes add a rustic charm to your yard. Thanks to two-prong stakes, you can limit wobbling and ensure secure placement. The LED bulbs are included and are expected to last 6–8 hours—long enough to light the walkway for your guests at the beginning and end of your holiday party.

Price: $35.99

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Short pathway lights lined up along a sidewalk photo

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Pathway Clear String Lights

Welcome guests with the warm, holiday glow of pathway lights. This particular string comes with a set of 10 lights on a 30-foot green cord to help camouflage into your grass. Each bulb is spaced 36 inches apart, providing plenty of coverage for your walkway or even a driveway. Individual stakes on each light make placement a breeze, and the end-to-end connectors allow for additional cords, so you can make the season merry and bright.

Price: $20.17

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Three red lanterns in various sizes photo

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Holly Lanterns, Set of 3

These red lanterns make an excellent choice for welcoming holiday visitors. Place them by your door, on your porch, or along your sidewalk for extra illumination. The lanterns are packaged without the glass, so if you want to add other holiday colors you can spray-paint them green, gold, or silver for more versatility. Once you slide the glass in, decorate them with ribbons or bows for an even more festive look.

Price: $88.89

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Hanging lantern with a wooden design photo

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Garden Accents Hanging Lantern

Place this accent lantern in any corner to brighten up your space for holiday guests. Its wooden design looks country-chic hanging outside or sitting on the porch. The lantern is flame-resistant, but consider placing a flameless candle inside to keep it lit for hours without the fire hazard. Fill it with a green or silver candle for a holiday feel, or slide in a white or cream color for a more elegant ambience.

Price: $54.99

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Bronze lantern with three lights inside photo

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Mission Hills Collection 3-Light Outdoor Lantern

If you're looking to invest in a decorative lighting piece that can shine all year long, this burnished bronze outdoor lantern is the perfect addition to your outdoor decor. It includes three candelabra lights for all-around illumination, and its beautiful structure with seeded glass adds a unique flair to match any traditional style.

Price: $274

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Tall black lantern made of metal photo

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Large Black Metal Lantern

For a simple and versatile lighting option, look no further than Landen's Large Black Metal Lantern. The hand-painted iron and sturdy glass offer a modern aesthetic to house your candles. The chic lantern is also coated in an all-weather powder to protect against the elements. You can keep it outside for extra patio lighting, or place it on the dining table with some evergreen branches for a unique centerpiece.

Price: $30

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Globe motion projector lights photo

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Christmas LED Motion Projector Cool White Lights

Globe lights add a special touch to your holiday decor. These outdoor lights may look like ordinary spheres, but their motion projector allows for a variety of lighting options. Try placing them by your sidewalk for individual bursts, or hang them near your door to light up the entire porch. The cool white lights will make your guests feel like they're walking in a winter wonderland, setting the mood for your holiday party.

Price: $24.99

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Set of six outdoor LED lights for landscaping photo

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Outdoor LED Lantern Solar Landscaping Lights, Set of 6

Built to be weather-resistant, these lantern landscaping lights withstand snow, rain, and frost, so you can feel confident displaying them during the winter season. The set comes with six individual lights and no cords! Completely solar powered, each light includes a switch, allowing you to control how many lanterns you want lit at once. Their simple stake design lets you easily move them around your yard, so you can save them for the holidays or have them light your walkway year-round.

Price: $11.69

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Mini solar lights with a cracked glass look photo

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Crackle Glass Mini Ball Solar Lights

Spruce up your outdoor trees, lawn, and patio with these Crackle Glass Solar Lights. The spherical design looks similar to ornaments—a great nod to the season. You can keep them in their warm white shade, or turn on the color-changing mode to smoothly transition into all colors of the rainbow. The solar-powered lights are also energy-saving and eco-friendly, so you can let them shine all night without the guilt.

Price: $17.99

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