6 Adorable Cat Beds for Your Feline Friend

These cozy cat beds will give your feline friend the purrrfect place to lounge the day away in ultimate luxury.

Pink quilted contemporary cat bed photo

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Contemporary Cat Bed

For those cats who appreciate the finer things in life, let them lounge in style with this quilted cat bed. The smooth, silk-like fabric and soft velvet will make this getaway one of their favorite spots in the house. Your pet can hop right into the dark, cozy bed for a quick catnap in the middle of the afternoon, or get a full night's rest in peace. Plus, you'll love the waterproof and skid-free base that helps keep the bed in place. Available in multiple colors and materials, this cat bed is also machine-washable for hassle-free maintenance.

Price: $26.99

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Elevated modern cat bed with three wooden legs and hanging ball photo

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Modern Cat Bed

Take your cat's comfort to new heights with this elevated bed. Ideal for small spaces, the Cheshire Modern Cat Bed provides ample space for your pet to lounge and play without taking up too much coveted floor space. The soft fleece—not to mention the exciting challenge of reaching the bed—makes this an enticing haven for your cat. When they're not snuggling inside or perched on top, the dangling wool ball offers additional entertainment. As for aesthetics, the bed's solid bare wood legs and dark gray fabric help it blend seamlessly with your current decor.

Price: $29.99

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Dome-shaped elevated cat bed that can be constructed multiple ways. photo

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Kitty Ball Cat Bed

This dome-shaped bed can be assembled with either a side or a top opening. The side opening adds a more regal touch to your cat's throne, while the top opening offers a higher obstacle for kitty to jump into and perch. The bed looks like wicker, but it's actually made of poly-rattan to better withstand your cat's claws. Toss the cushion in the wash to spruce up your cat's space, and choose from smoke or espresso to match your home's style.

Price: 94.99+

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Red felt cocoon with a small opening for a cat to sleep in photo

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Felt Cat Cocoon

Our feline friends love nothing more than a little privacy. Coming in six different sizes, this handmade wool cat cocoon will be the perfect match for your cat. The tiny entry is just the right size for them to sneak into the bed while also providing them an easy viewing portal so they can peek out. The next time you have trouble finding your cat, you'll know the first place to look—they'll likely be napping in their new favorite spot.

Price: $29+

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Cat bed with removable teepee top and a dangling ball for entertainment photo

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Cat Bed with Removable Teepee Top

Give your feline friend a place of their own with this teepee-inspired cat bed. It'll provide the optimal space for your cat to hide and snooze thanks to the dark cave-like feel and faux-fur-lined memory foam cushion. The plush bed offers comfort and entertainment, so kitty can lounge and bat the hanging pom-pom and bell simultaneously. If you're expecting guests and don't want the cat bed visible, simply remove the teepee top and tuck it away for easy storage

Price: $23.99

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Cat-shaped felt cat bed complete with ears and

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Felt Cat Bed

There will be no question who owns this cat bed. Inspired by your beloved four-legged friend, this cat-shaped bed will be their new cozy territory. Made of durable felt with an allergy-free cushion, this bed provides prime real estate for your cat to snuggle. They'll curl up on the a soft, machine-washable cushion to help them drift into a deep kitty slumber. Plus, it makes a great place to stash all the toys when you invite friends over.

Price: $28.99

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