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Become the master cook of your house with new kitchen gear that makes every recipe easier and more fun.

Square grill pan with ridges at the bottom photo

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #10: Nonstick Deep Square Grill Pan

Bring the grill inside with Rachael's 11-Inch Deep Square Grill Pan. Not only will the hard-anodized aluminum cook your food evenly, but the ridges along the bottom will give you beautiful grill marks just like you were cooking outside! This pan is safe to use on most stovetops and is even oven-safe up to 400°F. The deepness of the pan contains splatters, so cleanup is a breeze. It's the simple way to enjoy a freshly grilled meal any day of the year.

Price: $39.99

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Stainless steel bench scrape with a blue grip handle photo

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #9: Bench Scrape

Do you make a mess every time you try to move your chopped vegetables from the cutting board to the pan? Prepare meals like the pros and use Rach's handy Bench Scrape. Quickly scoop your freshly chopped food onto the flat-edge and slide it into your pan with ease. The stainless-steel blade easily wipes clean while the grippy handle gives you extra support. You can also use this nifty gadget to scrape and clean your work surface. No fear of mess or fuss with this handy tool—it's a must-have for any well-seasoned or aspiring cook.

Price: $5

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #8: Covered Stir-Fry Pan

Rachael's Covered Stir-Fry Pan will be your cookware of choice for any meal. The nonstick surface makes stirring and flipping a breeze, while the shatter-resistant glass lid seals in moisture for better flavor. The vibrant enamel exterior is oven-safe (up to 350°F), but this multipurpose pan isn't just functional. The polished finish is a sleek and stylish addition to your kitchen, and you can add some color with one of our faves, the Marine Blue edition. So whether you're sauteing veggies or trying out a new stir-fry recipe, this pan is your go-to for a perfect dinner.

Price: $99.99

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Large blue stock pot with stainless steel topper photo

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #7: Nonstick Aluminum Stock Pot

Rachael's Stock Pot is an essential to keep bellies full and your hearts warm. You won't have to worry if there's enough of your favorite recipe to go around—the pot's 3-quart capacity makes sure dinner guests receive a hearty helping. Plus, you won't miss any of the evening's festivities as the nonstick, PFOA-free coating easily releases food for a quick handwash at the end of the night.

Price: $46.97

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #6: Nonstick Covered Casserole

Present your casserole with flair in Rachael's Covered Casserole Pan. Start mouthwatering recipes on the stovetop and finish them in the oven (up to 350°F) with this versatile kitchen workhorse. Easy-grip handles provide a simple way to transport your delicious peach cobbler or secret family green bean recipe to the table or any potluck you attend. The inside is crafted with durable, nonstick aluminum, while the polished enamel exterior gives the casserole a colorful modern look.

Price: $99.99

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Bakeware set including round, rectangle, and sheet pans photo

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #5: Nonstick 10-Piece Bakeware Set

Who doesn't love cookies? Whether you want to impress your coworkers or send a thank-you to your neighbor, Rachael's bakeware set can help. Her 10-piece Oven Lovin' Bakeware Set can handle all the heavy lifting for your baking marathon—just in time for the holidays. The warp-resistant steel is built to last, and the nonstick surface means you can use the same pan for multiple batches. Easily transfer the bakeware from the oven to the cooling rack with oversize handles that provide you with a sure grip. Oven-safe up to 500°F, these must-have assistants will make you the life of the baking party.

Price: $69.99

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One small and one large skillet with blue handles photo

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #4: Nonstick Skillet Set

Everyone needs a trusty skillet, but two is even better. Make breakfast more enjoyable with the Rachael Ray Skillet Set. The two-pack set features a nonstick surface that makes flipping omelets easy so you can impress your partner or inspire the kiddos with awe. The hard-anodized aluminum ensures even cooking and reduces the presence of hot spots that could burn your food. We're big fans of the stainless-steel handles covered in colorful silicone, which protects your hands and adds a dash of personality. These skillets are a staple in your daily cooking routine.

Price: $28.99

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #3: Nesting Measuring Cups

Take the stress out of measuring with Rach's Cucina Nesting Measuring Cups. Made for both dry and wet ingredients, these cups are up for any cooking or baking session. The whimsical colors paired with clearly marked measurements make for functional and fashionable kitchen tools. Built for even the littlest of fingers, these BPA-free melamine cups can withstand the drops and scuffs from your tiny cooks-in-training. When you and your kitchen helpers are done, simply stack the measuring cups into one another for easy storage that hardly takes up any space.

Price: $14.99

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Six kitchen utensils including spatulas, ladles, and a whisk photo

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #2: Nonstick Kitchen Tools

Tackle any cooking challenge with the Rachael Ray Nylon Nonstick Tools Set. These six tools are essential for any budding cook's kitchen. The set includes a ladle, slotted spoon, solid spoon, two turners, and a stainless-steel balloon whisk. The nylon coating offers a comfy grip and makes these utensils safe to use on all your nonstick cookware. Be the master cook among your friends with Rach's go-to gadgets.

Price: $24.99

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Cookware set including skillets, saucepans, a stock pot, utensils, and a baking sheet photo

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Essential Rachael Ray Cookware #1: 14-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

Whether you're a newlywed or you simply need to replace your long-overdue pots and pans, you can't go wrong with a Rachael Ray cookware set when you're stocking your kitchen from the ground up. Keep your kitchen colorful and bright with Rachael's 14-Piece Cookware Set in Marine Blue. From preparing Sunday dinners to baking chocolate-chip cookies, this set has everything you need. Each piece is crafted with a nonstick coating to simplify cooking and cleanup, and the large handles are built for confidence, comfort, and ease. The heavy-duty aluminum adds to the sleek, modern design that's sure to complement your style. Bonus: This essential cookware set also includes a vegetable peeler, utility knife, and a mini spatula.

Price: $299.99

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