7 Dinnerware Sets That Add Flavor to Your Table

Rachael Ray dinnerware sets liven up your table with vibrant colors and fun patterns.


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Rachael Ray Little Hoot Dinnerware Set

Keep your kitchen light and fun with Rachael Ray's Little Hoot Dinnerware Set. "Little Hoot" was Rachael's nickname growing up, and it serves as the inspiration for this charming set. Whimsical patterns and warm, muted colors add a vintage flair that's sure to make your guests smile. Not only is it cute, but this 16-piece set is easy to care for, too. Warm up leftovers in the microwave and quickly clean up by putting it all in the dishwasher. You'll have a "hoot" of a good time with these porcelain beauties.

Price: $139.99

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Rachael Ray Ikat Dinnerware Set

Artfully decorated, this 16-piece dinnerware set will garner many compliments at your next gathering. The contrasting dinner and salad plates look stunning when paired together on your tabletop. Made from nonporous stoneware, this dinnerware set is just as functional as it is stylish. Different shades of blue with subtle pops of green create a color scheme appropriate for all seasons.

Price: $69.99

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Rachael Ray Circles & Dots Dinnerware Set

Keep your dinnerware playful with this 16-piece set. The variety of colors matches a number of decor palettes, and variations on the circle motif add a touch of pizzazz. Nonreactive, hearty stoneware holds heat so your food stays warmer and reheats better. Made with convenience in mind, this set is dishwasher, oven (up to 250°F), microwave, and freezer safe.

Price: $139.99

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Rachael Ray Seasons Changing Dinnerware Set

Bring the outdoors in with Rachael's Seasons Changing Dinnerware Set. Perfect for the nature lover, this 16-piece set comes complete with green-hued trees decorated with richly colored leaves. The colors are warm for a relaxed, Zen-like feel. With another great design to accommodate all seasons, this porcelain set is sure to add whimsy to your home.

Price: $69.99

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Rachael Ray Paisley Dinnerware Set

Paisley is a classic print that gets a fresh update with this Rachael Ray Dinnerware Set. The bright colors and intriguing pattern bring life and energy to your table. Draw out all the fun hues by accenting with yellow flowers, orange placemats, and green napkins for a cheerful yet tasteful table setting.

Price: $69.99

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Rachael Ray Scroll Stoneware Dinnerware Set

Simplicity is the master of design. Lovely both on the table or on display, this 16-piece lavender set elevates your dining room decor. The floral-esque pattern may be delicate, but the dinnerware set is made of hearty stoneware. The microwave-safe dishes can also be placed in a warming oven (up to 250°F) for 20 minutes to reheat leftovers. A tasteful blend of modern and traditional design, the Rachael Ray Scroll Dinnerware Set makes a gorgeous addition to your table setting.

Price: $74.99

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Rachael Ray Round Square Dinnerware Set

Change up the look of your table with Rachael's Round Square Dinnerware Set. Available in several vibrant shades, this dinnerware set matches many of the bright colors seen in Rachael Ray cookware. This set is great for all ages with its wide-edge plates and sturdy bowls. Plus, the rounded, square corners add a playful twist to traditional circular design. Make dinner fun again with this lively 16-piece dinnerware set.

Price: $58.96

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