This Amazing Product from Rachael Ray Makes Potlucks So Much Easier

During get-togethers, oven space can come at a premium. Arrive at all of your parties prepared with a meal carrier that keeps your food fresh, warm, and ready to eat!

Rachael Ray Expandable Lasagna Lugger

Whether you're attending a holiday celebration or a family potluck, transporting your dish from point A to B is one of the main concerns. Ovens or stove tops aren't always available to reheat the meal when you arrive, so a well-insulated carrier is key. Plus, it needs to be secure enough to protect your food during travel and easy to clean just in case of spills.

To help make sharing meals easier, Rachael created the Lasagna Lugger meal carrier to keep your food piping hot while you travel and ready to enjoy when you arrive to the party. One customer said, "Six hours later the casserole was still HOT!"

Despite its name, the meal carrier can transport a lot more than lasagna. Rachael's Celery, Apple, Onion, and Butternut Squash Stuffing is a delicious twist on the classic to help bring something new to your holiday table. Plus, you can make this ahead of time, freeze it, then bake it day of to help ease the stress of the holiday rush. A meal that's sure to be a hit any time of year is Rach's Chile Relleno with Chorizo Casserole. Swap out the chorizo with turkey, pork, or chicken to customize the dish, or leave the meat out all together for a delicious vegetarian option.

The best part is you don't have to bring just one dish to share. Whether you're bringing a couple casseroles or an entrée and a side dish, this expandable meal carrier can fit two 9-by-13-inch pans. And with eight different color options, you can grab one for you and another for a thoughtful gift.

Price: $30 (usually $35)

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