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Update: Rachael Ray Skincare Line Rumors

Hi friends,

At Team Rachael, it brings us a lot of joy to help you navigate Rachael’s world each day, helping you find tasty recipes [1], connect with Rach on social [2], and keep up-to-date on her latest happenings. We also work to make sure that you, our trusted community, are looked after.

Recently, fans of Rachael’s have written to us, reporting that various companies online are using her name, photo, or even video from her show to imply that she endorses, uses, or owns their skincare products. They’re doing this to attempt to defraud Rachael’s fans, and we want to make you aware so you can protect yourselves: Rachael does not, in any way, own or endorse any skincare lines. Here’s what Rachael herself had to say about it:

Please know we are aware of the problem, but protect yourselves by not purchasing these products or signing up for a “free trial.” If you have, contact your credit card companies to cancel the charge. If you have questions, contact us [3].

Take care!
-Team Rachael